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Saturday, December 6, 2008


This year we promised the two teen grandchildren that live here, that we would let them shop for their Christmas presents. Both had decided that clothes were what they wanted and I would never attempt to shop for a teen, style changes in the blink of an eye. Well, Heather is the Shoe girl, she just loves shoes, Emily followed her lead and also decided on a pair to go with her Skinny Jeans.... Each girl was given a set amount to shop with and Heather spent most of hers on one pair of shoes, Emily got shoes, jeans, jacket and still had money left. We had to take Em back home, so we being the nice grandparents went to the mall and got the necklace from the Twilight Movie (newest rage for teens I am told, might have something to do with the Hot boy that Heather picked out in a poster... Oh well, at least the kids are reading the books. Heather got her pricey shoes, CD, and two posters of Hot Boy Vampire.. Of course now her thing is, Christmas won't be a surprise because we know what we are getting.... Little do these girls know but we got them some other things to open as a surprise.... It was a fun day, we had Melanie with us to help in case the girls wanted some off the wall type thing. And then there was Kyle, poor kid, he had to deal with not only his sister picking on him, but now his cousin. The girls must have been having a good time in the back of the van, because all we heard was giggling, laughing, weird jokes and them picking on Kyle. I think next year we will just get them gift cards and let the parents do the shopping..... I think I was in tears most of the day, laughing so hard at the off the wall things Kyle said, sometimes I really worry about the child. We also had went to IHOP for breakfast and the Steakhouse for dinner, Even Kyle said he was finally full. Melanie and I, both took doggie bags home. Now I just have to put away the purchases from today, that will wait till tomorrow....

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