Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am still taking the holiday preparations one day and one chore at a time. Today was cookie day, yesterday I mixed up batches of cookie dough and early this morning Melanie came to help with the baking. We worked all morning and part of the afternoon, baking tray after tray of cookies, I had Melanie do the tasting just to make sure they were OK. We got all of the batches done and even mixed up another batch of Chocolate Chip cookies. Tonight I also made a batch of Spritz cookies, these always look so festive with the colored sugars and besides I like playing with the cookie press. Tomorrow will be candy day, I have three kinds I am planning on making, Pecan brittle, Chocolate turtles and surprise. I am so tired from standing on my feet all day, just glad that I have some sit down type things that need getting done. I still have 4 more stockings to make before Christmas. Last night I finished up with the embroidery items that needed to be mailed out this week, I also finished a Santa Hat Purse for Melanie. I do have one more big sewing project which is a western outfit for one of the grand kids. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am really starting to think that I will have all my chores done by Christmas.

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