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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Candy is done

Another chore off my holiday list, The Candy is done. All the candy and a lot of the cookies this year will have Pecans, Pecans, Pecans. This is due to me asking hubby if anyone at work was selling Pecans, as in past years we have bought a bag. Well, one of the girls he works with has Pecan trees and brought in two BIG bags of Pecans for him and she didn't charge him anything. We shelled and shelled and than I made two smaller bags and sent off to Melanie and Jenny (I just got tired of shelling the Pecans) Besides I had two large bags in the freezer and that would be enough for us. So now that I had so many nuts to use I needed to come up with some recipes for Pecans, Hence Pecan cookies, Pecans added to cookies, Candy with lots of Pecans, like Pecan Brittle (which is really good) Carmel Pecan nut chews coated in Chocolate (this is good too). But the third candy I tried to make was a flop. Melanie wanted Divinity and said no one would make it for her, and now I know why. This is a hard candy to have turn out right. I tried but guess I just didn't beat it long enough as it just flopped and I ended up getting upset and throwing it in the trash. I may or may not try it again, if not they sell the stuff at Wal-mart....
Packages are wrapped and under the tree, packages that were sent to other states were delivered today, cookies and candy are made, cowgirl outfit is finished and in its box, all embroidery work is done, there is only one thing left to do and that is to finish the last two stockings which I hope to get done this weekend.... Finished Kyle and Jack's last night, Just Morris and Becca's to make yet, than all the grand kids will have new stockings for Santa to fill.....

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