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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year

Melanie got on my case last night letting me know that I need to get busy and update my blog, so here goes on the update. Lets see, where do I begin, Christmas Eve we had the girls and their family's out to the house. Lots of food, Mel made a Ham or maybe I should say that Heather made the ham and she did a great job, Jenny made a tossed salad and me I made Turkey, cheese ball, cheese tray, Chili Con Caso, relish tray and for the kids, Pizza, Mac and cheese, goulash and a chocolate fountain (food this year was geared to Kids). I think as far as the kids are concerned I could just make pizza and the chocolate fountain. All the kids love dipping the fruit, pound cake, marshmallows and pretzels in the rich chocolate. But, I still don't know why I bother with making any kind of food as all the kids are interested in is opening presents. The goulash was a hit as well this year with Mel and Phillip fighting over who got the leftovers, I gave it to Mel as I had sent the left over Pizza and Mac and cheese home with Jenny, but the rivalry continues as Mel noticed the goulash missing when she went to get her Ham and the leftovers, That's OK Mel, I will make you a pot of Goulash. Jenny, Shame on you.. LOL
The kids did have a ball opening the gifts that were under the tree. This year we had taken the two teens shopping before Christmas, but we did have some things wrapped that they didn't know about. One of those items was the Pete the repeat parrot. He is so silly, you talk to him and he repeats whatever you say. Well, Heather and Emily played with him all night, and when Heather got home she barked at Pete the parrot and the bird repeated her bark, poor Willow the wiener dog was going crazy with this bird barking at her. Ally wanted Western wear and Hannah Montana Wig, Well, I made her outfit and got the blonde Hannah wig, Ally a naturally dark haired child was now a blonde in a red cowboy hat, what a change for her. The baby of the bunch Becca loved opening her gifts, but this year she was the watchdog here. You see the kids wanted to see Nana's new puppy so I got him out and Becca went around telling whoever was holding the puppy that he was Nana's puppy. Way to go Becca, standing up for Nana..... Before Melanie and David left they took Heather and Kyle out to our garage, you see David had come from work and he had stopped and picked up the kids Christmas bikes, he didn't want Heather and Kyle to see the bikes in the back of his truck, so he hid them in our garage, so they got their big gift from their Mom and Dad Christmas Eve. It was so neat watching both of them as they took off riding down the driveway. David did good as he did remember which bike Heather had picked out. At times I wonder if what we do is appreciated at all, are we just wasting our time. I shop all year long, finding things on sale, making sure to keep abreast of what is the new in thing for kids, and always on the lookout for things that are of interest to the adult girls as they are just big kids. Sometimes I feel that all I do is for nothing as no one cares but me. I have said many times that I need to stop and just do a gift card, that takes no thought, no time and they can get what they want. I spend so much time making sure that every child has the same amount of packages and I try to spend the same amount on each child. I love surprises and I believe they do to, I know the grand kids love opening the packages and I love watching the look in their eyes when they unwrap the treasures at Nana and Grandpa's house. I just hope that in the future family traditions will be remembered, and maybe passed to another generation. Melanie is our Christmas child, she loves the holiday and I feel she will preserve family traditions of baking cookies, making gingerbread houses and decorating for the season. Melanie did call last night and I was touched by her New Year's resolution. She wants to call family and friend each night just to say I Love You. What a wonderful thing to let those close to you know you are loved. We have all had many losses and close calls this year of loved ones, the latest being my Uncle who passed away last weekend, how many times we have lost loved ones without letting them know they were loved and will be missed...... That's all for now, next blog will be update on The Puppy, and we have named him, I think....