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Sunday, December 14, 2008

All Wrapped Up

I am wrapping gifts today, trying to get another holiday chore off my list. I did take time to fill my bird feeders and make fruit kabobs and peanut butter seed balls for my daily feathered visitors. I think the birds are starting to tell their friends that the buffet is open at the Coleman's as we have hundreds of birds visit daily. So now that that chore is done for a week, I can start back trying to cross off holiday chores. I have a ham in the oven, gifts for the grand kids scatter all over my living room and a husband who is willing to help, what more could I want. Well, he is kinda, sorta willing to help....hehehe... He really is good with the wrapping, but he keeps asking where I intend to put it all once it gets wrapped. Guess he forgot that putting the gifts under the tree is his job as he is the one who plays Santa. I had the piles equal, yes I said equal, I try to make sure that I have the same amount of boxes and spend the same amount of money on each grandchild. Well, the piles were equal, until last night, we went to Wal-mart to pick up some gift cards and we made the mistake of walking around the store. Did you guess what happen? We spotted these little puppies that moved and whimpered and we had two little girls who wanted them, so I put them in the basket and than we had to look for items to make the other kids piles the same, not even going to mention the cost of the bill last night, hubby just gave me a look... Oh well, they are only young once and they do grow up so fast. The little ones are so easy to buy for, teens on the other hand, well, we do gift cards or take them shopping.... I do have a grand daughter who is really into Christmas this year. When I had asked for wish lists she was calling me every day to add to her list and if her sister asked for something Lizzy would tell me that she wanted that too. She thought that it was funny when I told her that her list was the biggest... She is so cute, we took Morris's birthday present over yesterday and Lizzy came running out of the house as we were leaving and she said " Nana, I need to tell you what to add to my list for Christmas, I think I told you but I want a dress up trunk." Guess this is what she really wants this year as she must have told me 10 time so far. She is getting the dress up trunk. How could I resist this beautiful little girl, asking so quietly and so many times LOL.... better stop here for now and get busy wrapping..... Oh and I do intend to stay away from the stores until after Christmas, well, we do need to make one more trip as I forgot to pick a certain item for Melanie last night. Yes I do make sure that I spend the same amount of the adult kids too, I just can't get the box number to come out the same.

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