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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Buy of the day

Last Weekend: I have been a little busy and have not been able to post on here for awhile. Last weekend was a sort of moving day for us. We started the daunting job of moving all Sean's woodworking tools and machines from the garage to his new workshop. I will than be taking over the entire garage for my stain glass studio and my ceramic studio. Maybe once the garage is organized I will be able to get some of my projects started.

Last Week: I have been working on a Civil War Era Southern Belle Ball Gown for Melanie. She works in a nursing home and all the staff will be dressing for Halloween. Melanie had mentioned that she needed to dress and she might go as a Hippie. I told her I thought she needed to dress up and that I had lots of satin material and she said OK can you make me a dress (Open mouth insert foot). So off to the pattern shop where she picked out the neatest dress pattern. We had gotten a ton of a peach Satineen material at a auction a few weeks ago, which will make a great dress and was super cheap. I even found a 4 hoop skirt slip on ebay really cheap and ordered it so I didn't have to make the slip for the dress.

This Weekend: I decided that we needed to go to our local flea market and try to sell the rest of the Halloween costumes we had won at a auction. Guess I need to explain, this past spring we were at an auction where they had a huge rack of new costumes, no one bid on the costumes against us and we got them at a steal. When we went to load the costumes up was when I realized how many we had. There were hundreds of them, mostly for smaller children. We called all the kids and asked what sizes and how many they wanted for their children. We shipped some to Pa for the grand daughters there as well. And after giving out many costumes, we still had a bunch, so I decided we needed to try to sell them along with some others items we had stored. Well, we arrived at the flea market early, set up our tables and hanging items. We were now ready for business. What a bummer, not that many people, seems I picked the wrong weekend. To many other events happening this weekend. OH well, I have now decided that I will have a yard sale Thursday and Friday, and whatever is left over Melanie will pick up and try her hand at a flea market next weekend.

Now for my BUY of the day,with the booths at the flea market not being that busy, I decided that I needed to walk around a little and see what else was for sale. I stopped by this guy's booth where he had a lot of little items. I spotted this cute little basket that was filled with hair clips, Nothing was marked so I asked the guy if the basket was for sale and how much, He said two dollars which was good for any basket, but with turning this basket over and looking at the bottom there was the stamp and initials from Longaberger. OK, I now have the buy of the day, or maybe week or month. I bought the small purse Longaberger basket with fabric liner for $2.oo which sells for about $50 to $60 dollars. When I returned to Sean he just gave me a look, and then I showed him my treasure.... MY BUY OF THE DAY..

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