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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Auction Addict.....

I was requested to write a testimonial for the Auction House that we go to every month. Below is what I came up with, do you think it will work for them...I thought it was cute. Such a nice Auction House with a wonderful staff.


My Name is Bonnie and I am a auction addict!

I admit it, I am an addict, an auction addict that is. There is no cure for my addiction, and I blame my addiction on Florabama Auction Services. How do they fuel my addiction you ask, good question. Could it be the hunt for that one treasure that I might find, could it be the excitement of the bidding, the thrill of winning or the agony of defeat. I find myself in the weeks and days before a auction, going to the web site daily to see what new items have been added. The day before a auction we stop by get our number and take a up close and personal look at all the wonderful things that will be going on the auction block. The day of the auction we arrive early, we need time to say hello to all the wonderful staff and find out how they are doing. Than it is time for the gavel to come down, and for Cherylynn to get busy and start the auction. Jasper and Vance take their places on either side of the room and take turns bringing out the wonderful items, of course you have to take Jasper's descriptions with a gain of salt sometimes, he is so funny, "One ugly bowl and plate",he will tell you . Cherylynn will start to repeat it, she catches herself just in time and then she just gives Jasper a look and continues on. Jessica is the lovely clerk, but we are not allowed to feed the clerk, talk to the clerk, I think we can look at the clerk, but really this young lady is very serious about her job of recording all purchases. Debbie and Jo you will see taking the items from the front to the storage shelves or bringing out more items for sale. Jo also is the lady with the key to the jewelry and Fenton cabinet, see Jo if you want something from the special cabinet put up for sale. Linda and Kay are behind the counter making sure things are put in their proper place and also they are responsible for checking out the bidders and getting their merchandise. Debbie also does double duty as the snack bar lady, and she will fill in where ever she is needed, a multi-talented young lady. Cherylynn is the lovely auctioneer, she is such a sweet person, taking time before the auction to talk to as many of the people as she can, she makes everyone feel welcome and treats them like a part of her family. Steven is the General Manager, he makes sure everything runs smoothly during the auction and in the days before and after the auction. If you want to consign items he is your man. We also recently met Steven's Mother who was visiting from South Florida, She was such a sweet lady, I can see where her son gets his personality. She also informed us that she is planning on moving to this area and becoming part of the Florabama Auction Services Family. All in All, Florabama Auction Services in Milton Florida is the number one auction house in this area We have been to many auction houses in Florida and Alabama,and there are many we will not return to. If you are looking for a fun time, fantastic items and great deals , come and join the gang at the Florabama Auction Services location in Milton. Check the web sites for date and time of auctions, make sure you look in the gallery at all the items coming up for sale. But beware, You could become a AUCTION ADDICT to.....

F enton
L ladro
O ranate pottery
R ings
A utograph pictures
B ox lots
A rmani
M emorabilia
A ssorted sports cards

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