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Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm being followed

Yesterday and Today I had a yard sale, people were in and out both days. Thursday was on the slow side, almost as bad as the flea market last weekend. Today, however was much better, things were leaving here all morning long. It was in between my sales, there was no one around, I went into the house for a brief moment, when I looked out my door and spotted this little black and white dog. I stepped out my door to see if I could find a tag on the little strangers neck, when all of a sudden I turned and there to my surprise was the little dogs big friend. I turned and ran back into the house as this monster came after me. He was huge, all muscles and had the biggest head of any dog I have ever seen. He was what appeared to be a brindle Pitt Bull. He left the porch and I bravely stepped out and tried to chase him away. It worked with the little dog, he took off and I didn't see him again. This monster was another thing, he once again came after me and in the house I went. This is great, I am having a yard sale, many people are coming and I can't get out of the house. The big bruiser was now standing in front of my door, looking into the house, was he sizing me up for his next meal. NO his tail was wagging, and he was drooling all over my storm door. OK, I am brave, outside I go, trying again to chase him away. He is stubborn, he won't go, he wants petted, wants attention and he is now following me everywhere. I tried walking him to the side yard and leaving food for him. But the minute I left, he stopped eating and chased after me. He would not let me out of his site. OK, I returned to the house and shut the door hoping he would just leave, Nope, not this guy. A guy pulled up for the sale and the monster dog was the greater. The man said he started to get back in his truck but noticed the dog was wagging his tail. Monster dog greeted many of the shoppers, all seemed to think he was mine, because of the way he attached himself to me. OK, enough of this, I called the pound and let them know about my visitor, they were going to send someone out. I got a leash and attached the bruiser to the column on the porch and we waited. Another lady came and they like the rest remarked how cute the big brute was. I told the lady he came to the yard sale and he seemed to adopt me, and that I had called the pound to come and get him. She than informed me that if his owner didn't come and get him from the pound that he would be put to sleep. OH NO what had I done, he was a big goofy puppy, he was to nice to be put down, just because he was a Pitt Bull, but they have their rules. Well, as luck would have it as the dog catcher arrived there was a car behind her, and a guy shouted there he is. I asked him if this was his dog and he said yes, that they were visiting from Alabama and the dog escaped from his mother yard. The Monster dog was saved, he got in his owner's car and I walked over to the dog catcher and told her that his owner was found. She got the guy's information, and everyone left happy. Me, I continued on with my sale, minus one brindle shadow.

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