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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My aching back

I know that I am no longer a spring chicken, I know that I can no longer do all the physical things I used to do, I also know that while I know these things, I still attempt to do all the things I did in my youth. Now when I do these foolish things, I pay the price, FOR DAYS. This past weekend we moved Sean's woodworking machines and tools and other stuff from the garage to his new workshop. His workshop has been the temporary storage for my ceramic molds and paints, so they were moved from the shop to the garage. We did use the trailer that was hooked up to the tractor, which saved a lot of energy, but still all four of the movers were moving slower by the time we were done. Oh wait a minute, Sean and I are the old people here, Melanie and David are the younger generation, but they to were moaning and groaning. We took them to the local Steakhouse when we were done and when we got ready to leave we all had a hard time moving out of the booth. OH MY ACHING BACK.............and legs, and neck, and arms, Spa tub here I come.

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