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Friday, October 17, 2008

Alabama Peach

This is Melanie, our Alabama Peach. Mel was at the house Sunday and I did the last fitting for her Halloween Costume, That is Kyle in the background, he didn't know that he was in the picture. So do you think she will win the best costume prize this year, we do. Now that her costume is done I can get back to the major task of getting the sewing/craft room back in order. Also we will be working on the garage and workshop this weekend. Can't wait to get the garage set up for ceramics and stained glass, its been so long since I did any of those projects. I also have a couple of quilts that need quilting, so that is also in the plans for this winter. Saturday we are planning on heading to Bagdad (small local community) They are having numerous events in that little town, there is Depot Days ( held at the old train station, craft and food booths, as well as games and rides for the kids) than there is the Front Porch Stroll (local artist have booths) there are also two churches in Bagdad that will be having their Fall Festivals. In Pensacola the State Fair will be getting under way this Thursday. For the most part the fall events in Florida are much like the events we had in Pennsylvania (fairs, craft shows, festivals and Octoberfest). The main thing I miss is the changing of the leaves, no beautiful fall color in the south also no snow. I don't miss the mess of snow, but I miss the beauty of it, the fresh, crispness in the air after a snowfall. Guess you just can't have it all, oh well, give me Spring and Fall weather any day, and that is pretty much what we have in this area.

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thanks for entering to win one of my cards!!... you Alabama Peach is are you puppies.