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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a week

Mom and Mike at the beach

4 generations of Coleman

Emily's Bat Mitzvah is now a thing of the past. Her Great Grandmother and Great Uncle Mike flew in from Ohio for the event. They arrived last Wednesday and that evening Sean had to go to work so I took them to the local Bar B Que restaurant. Thursday, I spent the day in the kitchen and Sean took them to the beach. Friday we delivered the food and then we headed to Biloxi, Sean's mom was not all that keen on the idea, but Mike wanted to visit the casinos again. Mom and I lost and Sean and Mike won. Saturday at 9 we arrived for Emily's Bat Mitzvah which lasted until noon. Jenny had set up a lovely luncheon done in a Luau style. We than returned home and watched a movie. Saturday evening we headed into Pensacola for a dinner with Phillips family. Emily did a wonderful job leading the services, I could not believe how brave she was. Sunday Melanie made Chicken and dumplings for her Grandma and when they returned home Mike and Sean repaired the lawn tractor and then preceeded to mow and trim the front and back yard. Which was really needed as I was worried about losing the little dogs in the jungle out back. Sunday evening Jenny and Phillip showed up with the kids so we decided to take them to Pizza Hut. Monday morning we were all up and out of the house super early as Mom and Mike had to be at the airport at 4:30. Their flight was on time and they were back home in Ohio by 1 PM, they had a long layover in Charolette. All in all, it was a very busy week, and it went by just to quickly for me, seems they just got here and than had to leave so soon.

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