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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Another Saturday

I am so glad that this Saturday is over, Sean and I are both ready to crash. We started out early this morning, went to the ceramic shop and loaded the van again with molds and cases of paints. It took us two hours just searching and loading things up. Most of the molds we picked up today were Angels, Santa's, Snowmen, and 4 boxes of small molds. We still need to go back for the rest of the molds we have set back, just not enough room in the van. I think Sean is a little disturbed with me as all these paints and molds are being stored in his workshop. It is just temporary till he clears out his machines out of the garage and than I can turn it into my ceramic and stain glass studio....

Tonight we went to the auction in Milton and once again spent to much. For me we added to our Fenton collection. We got a beautiful gold and ruby basket, hand painted and signed and a painted glass hat. We also picked up some other glass ware. We did pick up something very special for Melanie for Christmas. I can't say what it is but she will laugh when she sees this item, to be truthful I can't believe I bought this for her.... I try to keep my ears open to the girls and find out what they are collecting now,Then it is on to the hunt. By the time Christmas comes around we have a collection box for each girl. Jenny is the hardest, she isn't into collecting, and never hints that she needs anything. But this year she slipped and mentioned something she would like to have, and boy is there a surprise waiting for her. I laughed really hard when I found this item, she will never believe that I actually found this item.... I know you two girls are reading this, so just keep wondering what I found for you, hehehe.......

Well, time to sign off of here, kick back and just relax for the rest of the evening..

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