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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quilt donation & puppy update

Today was the day that Peggy and I delivered the three quilts to the Baptist Cancer Center at their annual event.
This is one of the quilts, WOCS members cross stitched words of encouragement sent the squares to me and I used dusty rose, hot pink and pink rose fabrics to make the quilt

This is the second encouraging word quilt, stitched by WOCS members and the top was sewn by Peggy and quilted by me.. a true joint effort on this one

The third quilt was one I made in honor of my Mother who lost her battle with cancer... Dru at AriZona Embroidery Barn Designs sent me the lovely pink ribbon butterflies set which is titled Tuff Enough... In honor of her Mom...  the fabric came from a lady who I met at a yard sale she was having to raise money for her daughter who was going through Chemo for breast cancer..   A Loving tribute to those who have passed and those who are still fighting their battle against cancer..
Everyone who received one of the quilts today was truly touched, the one lady I saw wiping the tears from her eyes..
There was a breakfast, musical entertainment, and the Extension office brought in plants for the survivors to take home, they also handed out recipes and suggestions for healthy eating.
Door Prizes were given out and I won the garden bag. The bag held a bush tomato and a cherry tomato plant, garden gloves and a spade.. so you know what I will be doing tomorrow..  Planting more tomatoes..
Now for our puppy news..
Do you remember me showing this picture of Roxy's puppies three weeks ago??

Here they are today... Now if you look at the top photo and see the little sable puppy on the far right side, Now look at this photo and he is in front of the white puppy... YEP you are right he is so small, he has only gained .3 ozs since he was born.. he is the same size... his litter mates are all weighing in at 1 pound or more, but the little guy is less then 5ozs..  I have been so worried about the little guy, worried that the other puppies are not letting him nurse so I give him private time with his mom. I also am feeding him formula...  He is strong and developmentally keeping up with the others as far as eyes opening, trying to walk etc, he just is not growing..
This is the little boy enjoying his bottle, and yes girls your dad is feeding the little guy..

Memorial Day our other female delivered her puppies,
all three are sable, and two weighed in at 4.5 ozs, the third puppy weighed in at 2.5
so here we go again... I am now wondering which one of my males are the father or if both of them are as one of my males is standard size and one is really small..
Mist and her three little pups.
Monday one of our grand daughters will graduate from High School... I just know I will cry.  They grow up so fast, where did the time go... This starts the graduation trend as I think we will have one almost every year for awhile...

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