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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Mother's Day

Finally my Iris bloomed after years of nothing but leaves... and it bloomed on Mother's Day

What a Mother's Day it was this year...  Hubby had been sick all week, pulled a muscle in his side from coughing so hard on Thursday, Friday he called Doctor's office and was put on pain pills and told to make appt Monday if it wasn't any better...  Thursday was also the day that I felt really bad, yep I had caught his cold.  By Friday I was so sick and he was no better, We both took nighttime cold meds hoping to get some sleep... but early Saturday morning the dogs started barking and would not quiet down... So I let them out and went to find our Roxy. I found her, and she was cleaning a puppy that she just delivered with another one on its way... So I hurried and got her whelping box to her, the puppy pads and other items for our early morning session... 5 hours later we had 6 puppies. Mom and babies settled down and were doing just fine and I headed back to bed.  

 6 cute little Pomeranian Puppies

Hubby was planning to take me out for dinner on Mother's day, but that was out so I got a IOU... Talked to the kids so glad they stayed away as I would not wish this cold on any of them..  So my Mother's Day will take place at another time...

Monday we did head to the doctor's office and we both got med's..  a Z pack for me and for him something stronger... Things are finally starting to get a little better now that the med's are working.

Now on to work on the quilts for the cancer center.... our group stitched words of encouragement and the plan was to send to Sandy Hook Victims... we found out that they were no longer wanting donations as they received so many/  It was decided that the quilts would go to a Cancer center.. They will be having a event in June and the quilts will be presented at this event.  So I just need to finish them up. 

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