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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Replacements & our Sears Vs Lowes shopping

This year it seems that many of the main items around the house are breaking down.. First it was the riding mower and you just need to cut the grass so a replacement was found. My power washer was on the fritz so it was replaced. Then the  AC/Furnace unit and it had to be replaced and in Florida while a heater is not always needed the AC unit is a must..  Now the fridge decided it wanted to act up, The first time it got warm I thought it might be the control knob getting bumped so I adjusted it and the fridge was OK. Three weeks later again the fridge was getting warm... freezer was OK but the top half of fridge was getting warm. Hubby decided that it was time to replace so off shopping for a new refrigerator.  We headed to Lowe's and this is the one we decided on.  We had a delightful salesman who did a price check and found a lower price at another store so he did a price match, plus the major appliances had a gift card promotion depending on the amount of the appliance, and the final incentive was free delivery and they hauled away the old one.. oh and one last thing, the power company gave us a rebate on a energy efficient appliance.
Lowe's has been our replacement store for most of these items... We found the sales staff at Lowes to be most informed on their products and they made sure we got the best prices around.   Looks like the next thing to go will be the hot water heater..  I had also planned on new tile flooring this year as the laminate flooring is looking bad, But with all these replacements I guess I just have to put up with the shabby floor a little longer.  You can bet when we replace the water heater or the flooring we will be shopping at Lowes.
Sears VS Lowes
We shopped around for the best prices and while we were planning on Sears for the purchases they had the worst salesman and policy's.  Our first encounter was the Heating and AC salesman who came to the house and measured and gave a estimate that was so high, when we thanked him and told him we were shopping around and getting more then one estimate, he left without saying a word.. guess he was upset because we didn't buy from him right then..  Sears called to ask why we didn't make the purchase and we told them we were getting estimates and how rude their salesman was , we were told they would send another salesman out with better prices as they wanted our business.   Guess what, the same salesman showed up... We didn't say anything about his being rude and this time his estimate was higher then before.. We brought that to his attention and he said he didn't remember, but a few minutes later he corrected my husband on a number so we knew he had the old estimate on his computer..  We thanked him and told him again we were getting estimates and again he just left, no thank you for letting me come to your home and listening to my proposal, Nothing, he just walked out the door..  Such a rude man and because of him Sears lost the sale of a heating and AC unit.  When the mower died we stopped by the local Sears store and the man there who said he was the manager told us we could get a better price if we waited till Monday as they were starting a new promotion.. How nice of him we thought, to tell us of the sale.  We returned that Monday and the manager wasn't there, his brother was and when he started the paper work the price was not what we were told it would be, plus the free delivery would now cost $ 75.00.  So once again Sears lost a large sale as we headed to Lowes and while there I also replaced my power washer.   Now when we were at Sears store and hubby was looking at mower I was checking out the refrigerators, but when my fridge died we decided to head to Lowes first as we knew they would get us the best deal.. Sorry Sears you lost out again..  Must be nice to have a company that doesn't need to sell product or to train their employees on customer relations.   I did write to Sears and informed them on how their staff had lost sales for them and how they might need to think about training their staff on customer service, but the corporate store must not care as no one responded.  So Sears is no longer our hometown store. From now on we will shop Lowes as they know how to treat their customers right..  So if you are thinking of shopping at Sears you might want to check out your local Lowes store as you will get the best deals and the staff really takes the time to give the best customer service possible.
For us Lowes was the Winner

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