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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poor Little Boy

Our little Pomeranian  got a little frisky again with our Maltese and the result was this adorable little boy. There was just one little puppy and being that there was just one, he got special treatment around here. He was just the best little boy, and so smart, he was paper trained before he left the Whelping box. Well he was 8 weeks old last weekend and ready to go to his forever home.. This is where his story begins.... We had a girl from AT&T come to the door and offered the new UVerse hookup... Our neighborhood had just gotten the fiber optic lines installed.  So being that everything was under ground and the cost was so good I decided to sign up for the service. *I thought it was that low because of the new lines and them trying to get the whole neighborhood installed* The girl that was selling the service was so sweet, and she fell in love with this little boy.. she would pick him up when he was ready to go.  In the meantime, the installer for AT&T had come out on our appt. and said we would not be happy as there was a problem.. seems what the girl promised was not what was ordered... he said she was wrong, so I called her and she said go ahead and have him install and she would fix it when she came for the puppy that night.  Something wasn't right and I wasn't having anything installed until the he said, she said thing was settled.. So the installer left and we headed to the local AT&T store and talked to the manager, after all he should be able to figure this all out.  He did, seems our sales girl was a sub contractor who promised what she couldn't deliver and it would have been to late if we had taken her advice to install and our bill would have been $100 per month over what she told us. Needless to say she never showed up to pick up the puppy, guess the AT&T store manager got ahold of her boss..

So on to number two, I put a ad in the local online site and had a women who wanted the dog for her young son. They came out the next day and fell in love with the little guy.. Later that night I got a call from the lady, seems her husband was not happy at all that she got a puppy and to keep peace she needed to bring him back or have me help her find him a new home. I told her to bring him back, as I didn't want him somewhere where he wasn't wanted, he is way to nice for that.  So the poor little boy had to give up his puppy because of his dad, it broke my heart to see how upset the little boy was.. He told me to tell the puppy that he really liked him and it wasn't his fault, and would I please find him a nice home.

So I once again placed the ad for the little boy.. now years ago a similar thing happend with my Maltese Boy, but after coming back to me twice I decided to just keep him and he was the best dog.  He passed away last December.. so should I keep this little puppy as he was coming back to me like my Shy Guy did.  NO I have my Rascal and I don't need another male dog.. so the ad is in and I get a call from a young lady, she and her two friends came out and little boy once again has a new home.. His new owner is a teacher and her roommate who is a student at the local college.  They have the summer off and plan on using the time to train the little boy. Everyone seems Happy and I hope this time the little boy has found his forever home.


Stray Stitches said...

Hopefully the third time is the charm. Sure glad you figured out the UVerse thing before it was too late.

Melissa said...

Oh he is too adorable and I think I might've been tempted to send my husband to you rather than the puppy!

Tangos Treasures said...

Awwww he's adorable!! Hope he has found his furever home!!