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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here's Dolly again

I have finished yet another Dolly Mama, this is the "Put on you big girl panties and deal with it" Mama... she has been added to the collection.  Dolly makes my 19 finish in Cross Stitch for this year.
Now that Dolly is done I think I will work on my Enchanted Alphabet, and there is a heart and butterfly I want to stitch out, and of course I might just start another Dolly Mama...  So making her first time Blog post is Dolly...
I also have most of the lap quilts finished, three more just went to the frame for quilting.  Makes it so nice having a portable AC unit in the garage where the frame is, I can quilt in comfort.  I am hoping to have the quilts posted next week, that is if things go as planned.

As for me, my hand healed but left a nasty scar... so I recovered... and THEN   it happened again... Must be my year of accidents... this time I was trying to get my husband's stubborn Pomeranian in the house and in her mood she just sat and looked at me.  So I decided to get a flashlight and head out in the yard for her.. Opps, better put on shoes before stepping off the porch so I turned to slip into the Crocs I have setting out there and my feet got tangled in a hose.. Yes, I had put a hose on the patio, I had been watering the plants and didn't want to leave it laying in the yard for me to trip over, so I put it on the patio under the porch swing.  Well, somehow I managed to get tangled and down I went. At the time I was more flustered than hurt or so I thought.. so I gave up on the dog and headed to our bedroom and bath to clean up. Hubby saw me and asked why I looked so unset, until he saw the blood running down my leg... yes, I got a bad case of road rash.. so I cleaned the wounds and applied Band-aids, three on the left leg and one on left toe,  Right toe really hurt, but no wound, just a jam there, it did turn lovely colors.  Left arm needed Band-aids, but the right arm was OK as is the head... Left knee swelled right away, so ice for it... took some pain pills and off to sleep.. woke the next morning and was wondering were the truck was that had ran over me.  So here I sit, left leg still hurts and so does the right toe, but I will heal again... I just so hope this is the last of my accident prone stage..

I do have yard work that needs done, the hedges need trimmed, but I am afraid to even think of attempting to get the trimmer out.. Might need to hire someone to come and trim for me.  Hubby and I cleaned out the gutters last weekend, but I was so afraid his knee would give out while he was on the ladder, so I went up the ladder on the back of the house and I didn't fall, so that was good.. some things do work out well.  I just wish my son lived closer as then I wouldn't have to worry how to get these things done, because he would do it for me.

Rain, Rain, don't go away
come out, come out and play....  
YEAHHHH   We have Thunderstorms suppose to hit our area daily.. We really need the rain.. I would love a week of slow steady rain.  Right now you can hear the Thunder, I just hope the rain follows... my plants would love it...

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