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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Crazy Stacked Pots Planter....

This is what I stopped at Lowe's for this weekend... the supplies to make my Crazy Stacked Pots Planer.
Items needed
1     large Terracotta Pot
3     smaller Terracotta Pots.... you can use more, I made mine with 4
1     4 ft section of rebar
       potting soil

very easy to set up. lightly hammer rebar into ground where you want your planter to be,  set large pot over the rebar through the bottom hole, fill with soil to top, slide smaller pot down the rebar  though bottom hole and set it at a angle, fill with dirt, set second pot over the rebar, sitting on the rim of the first pot and fill with dirt, continue with your other pot or pots. You want to make sure that the rebar is hidden in the last pot, use your hammer to put it further in the ground before placing the last pot.  when all the pots are in the position that you like just add your plants, water and watch them grow..  People wonder how you got the planters to stack in that crazy pattern... One lady in my neighborhood thought that I glued them... Nope the trick is the rebar... Have fun.   And if you happen to break a pot... lay it on a mound of dirt like it just fell over and broke... fill it with soil and plant inside the planter and down the mound of dirt the pot is laying on... sorry no picture of that display....


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

What a great idea. I have been wondering what to do to spruce up the front, I think this will work nicely. Thanks for giving the how to. My only concern is with the harsh Canadian winter we get in Alberta, ceramic pots - plastic ones too, have a tendency to crack. Guess its something I will have to disassemble come fall. Still worth it =)

L Matter said...

Hello From Seattle! I work at a non-profit in Seattle, Washington that does education for residents of King County about natural yard care. I am creating a PowerPoint on container gardening for the City of Renton to use in their for natural yard care class for Spanish speakers next spring and would love to use the photo of the stacked pots from your blog. It is an great example of how to use vertical spaces for gardening. I would credit the photo of course with links to your site for more information. All of our work is done as part of a contract with the City of Seattle and King County to encourage residents to minimize pesticide use in their landscape practices. We do not charge the public for our services.

Thank you for your consideration. Laura Matter
Seattle tilth
Seattle, WA