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Monday, June 6, 2011

My Dolly Mamas

Here she is my Dolly Mama Shoe Shopper,  I have finished yet another of the lovely Dolly Mama's... Hubby still thinks they are Ugly, I think they are just cute...  It took me a little longer to finish this little lady due to the hand still in bandages, but she is now in the box with the other ladies waiting for me to finish all the kits and make them into a quilt. Looks like it might take awhile to finish that project, but the stitching is something I can do while watching TV at night.
Yesterday was a enjoyable day, Hubby's daughter from Alabama came in to show us her new car that she picked up on Saturday. Her old car had serious issues, she decided not to fix it but to go for a new one, even though she really didn't want car payments again
. Grandson wanted to head to the local game shop to see if they had some old Game Cube games.. these are getting harder to find since they no longer make that game system.. He has lost all his games in the fire, but still had the box so the hunt is on to find the games.
After the game store we headed to Lowe's hardware store, I wanted to pick up some clay pots to do a stacking flower planter in my yard.. BIG mistake we made was going into the store, if we would have stayed in the garden section we would have been OK... But Mel needed trim for her bathroom door and GS wanted black light switch covers. 
So we passed the clearance section and found a small Ice Cream maker, the kind that makes pint size which is perfect for Hubby and me... OK got that, the dept mgr was talking to us and asked if we needed anything else from clearance, like a new medicine cabinet... after some wheeling and dealing I ended up with the cabinet at the price I wanted to pay which was about 1/4 of the clearance price, Mel didn't know you could deal with items, so she learned something new.. We also picked up a new toaster, this one is a Oster.. I had a Black and Decker and it just didn't do a good job. 
 Then we headed to the Air Conditioners, we were looking to see how much the portables are... Got a good deal on that unit as it was the last one and they will deal on a display model..  This unit for now will be in the garage to cool the area the quilting machine and table are so I can finish some of the quilts.  When DH needs to work in his  workshop he can move the AC to that building.. so I think this might be a good investment for us, trying to keep cool in the south.
We came home and I had a pot roast in the slow cooker, I made some mashed potato's and creamed corn. It was really good as even GS went back for seconds.

I have made a decision about giving gifts and items we pick up for family members... I am so tired of spending time searching for items that they would love to have.  Sending them home or dropping off the items at their house and never hearing if they like the item or if they even got the item.. So from now on, I have decided that they must pick up their item in person, I think that is fair... We love seeing the grand kids and we really do understand that they have a life, and that grand ma and grand pa are probably towards the end of the important people list, being that the new boyfriend or girlfriend is more then likely at the top.. But if they want the item, birthday card or what ever else we might have for them,  they must take a few short minutes out of their busy schedule to stop by the house and say HI.. I don't think that is to much to ask... We have grand kids who live less then 30 minutes from us and they can't take the time to stop and visit, it has been a year and a half since they were at our house. We  hear one excuse after another on why they didn't stop, but we read of them heading here or there to visit friends or other family and they were so close it would have taken a few minutes to stop and just say Hi.   We go to their house and big surprise they are out doing their thing.. Well, NO more just dropping things off, sorry guys, but maybe this will wake you up to realize that we are important to and it doesn't cost to spend a little  time with grandparents or parents, I know we are boring in your mind, but realize we won't be here forever and when we are gone you will miss us and wish you would have taken those few minutes to spend with us.  So now there will be a box at the house for each family, if I find something I will put it in the box... If after a year it is still here, then I will freecycle it.


ga447 said...

It isn't being a grand parent/parent, when they need something they call you five minutes before they need it. When you ask for help they are always busy.

Kathy MacKie said...

I also Love The Dolly Mamas and think putting them into a quilt is a great idea. Thanks for the thumbs-up idea.