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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Road to Recovery

The above photos are of the new pond area in front of Sean's workshop. He needs to get the water feature installed and we will be all set.

This is our little Roxy Girl, she is finally coming out of the puppy ugly stage. She on the Road to Recovery,and is starting to get her Pom coat. She is such a spoiled kid, always into trouble. Her newest fit of misbehaving has to do with the bowls in the kitchen. From the time she first came to live here she has taken over the dog food bowls, she would lay in the bowl when she was eating, just to make sure that none of the other dogs could steal her food, she still does this. Lately she has taken to playing in the water bowl. It has been getting really hot here and when the dogs come in from their potty and play romps in the back yard the little girl will go to the water bowl and splash the water out of the bowl. Guess she is just hot and trying to find a way to cool down. Wonder if we should invest in a puppy pool for the yard so I don't have water all over my kitchen floor. I have taken to putting up a makeshift gate to keep her in the living room and out of trouble, but this is not a total fix. I will just be so happy when we get out of the puppy stages.
As for me, I am still taking it easy, just cross stitching at night, not doing that much till my health gets better. Doctor is trying to control the symptoms with medications, I really hope this works.

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