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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fruits of Summer


Sugarbaby Watermelon

AHHHHHH the fruits of summer, how sweet they are. Roadside fruit stands every where you look, selling the wonderful fruits of summer. We recently stopped by a stand and picked up some of summer's harvest. I had a craving for peaches and Sean was looking for tomatoes. We found the peaches at a roadside stand in Milton, the tomatoes just didn't look that good so we passed on them, we did however see a tarp covered with four different varieties of watermelon. We chose a sugerbaby, it compact size and sweetness of that variety made it a good choice for the two of us. We returned home and placed our bounty in the fridge to chill. Later that night we tried the peaches, biting into the sweet flesh, with juice running down our chins we were in peach heaven. We had forgotten about the watermelon for a few days but when we remembered it we found it to be ice cold. Sean cut into the dark green skin, revealing a red core dripping with sweet juice. The melon was cold, crisp, juicy and oh so sweet. A very refreshing taste of summer in a little green ball. The peaches are now gone as is the watermelon, this weekend on our outing we again will be in search of the little stand by the side of the road with a teenage girl in a ponytail helping her parents sell the wonderful tastes of summer, nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables right off the farm. Support you local farmers, you will be glad you did.
Did I mention I too have a peach tree, well I have two but the one really doesn't count as it is still so small. We also have two apple trees, a Meyer lemon, tangerine and orange tree. Sean and I planted them just to see if they would grow. This spring I was so excited the trees all had blossoms on them. In a few weeks there appeared tiny fruits, The peach tree had a bunch of peaches starting, the apple trees only had a few and the citrus trees were loaded with tiny fruits. One by one the peaches started to disappear off the tree, don't know if it was a squirrel or the birds, one apple tree lost all its fruits and the other one only had one. I watched the peach tree and the progress it was making in growing the fruits, now down to three peaches. I went out one day and there was only one peach left and it was a the top of the tree. I waited till that lonely peach started to blush and than I snapped it off and took my prize to the house. I washed my lonely peach and cut it into four section, Sean and I both took a bite and WOW was that a good peach. I was bound and determined to try a fruit that I had grown, I am hoping that next year I will have more than one. The trees are all really young and in years to come I hope they will provide us with their fruits of summer. As for the apple, it is still growing bigger everyday, and the citrus tree, well two of them are loaded, I think they are the tangerine and lemon trees, can't wait till they mature...YUMMMM

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