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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is there a full moon

Full Moon Tonight? No it is a half moon tonight, I just looked it up. But the way things are going today I would swear there is a full moon. Maybe there is a really bad storm heading our way, WHY do you ask, Good Question. Animals are acting really crazy, not my dogs, they act crazy all the time. One dog in heat next thing you know all the girls are in heat driving poor Rascal crazy, can you say Pomtese or would it be Maltianian. But that is not what I was referring to. Tonight it is the wild creatures that are acting up. I will explain, I opened the back door to let the dogs out for a potty run. I noticed that there was a little bird on the porch of Sean's workshop. A second bird popped up from the porch and sat on the railing, next thing I knew the little bird had flown into the opened door where I was standing. GREAT, now there is a bird loose in the house, and from past experience they are not the easiest things to get out. I closed the back door and followed the bird into my living room, I then opened the front door, WHAT WAS THAT, something just ran past my foot. GREAT, another critter loose in the house, this time it looked to be some kind of little lizard and could that critter move. Anyway I propped open the front door and looked around and no bird, where did it go? There it is, it flew past me and out the front door. Now for the other critter, WHERE DID IT GO, out the door, NOOOOOOOOO it headed for the desk area and I have no clue where it is. My luck I will be sitting at the computer and something will crawl up my leg sending the chair flying and me scaring the dogs with a blood curdling scream, or one of the dogs will find a new play toy. Am I worried, Not really, Well, a little, if I had only gotten a really good look at this critter and identified it as a chameleon and not something else, but it was moving really fast as it came in the house. I am still wondering how it got past the screen door. WEIRD THINGS ARE HAPPENING and there isn't a full moon.

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