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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cross stitching for Charity

A finish on a Kit I bought on ebay

My Second Charity Square for the Cancer Quilt
My first Charity Square for the Cancer Quilt

I found the fabric for the rose squares at a site Mel sent me to, the material was beautiful and cheap so I ordered some and when my order arrived, the light bulb went off above my head. The fabric has a border with little rosebuds and I thought that it would look nice to have roses stitched in the middle. I had just joined a Charity Cross Stitch group and I asked the owner if we could list the Rose quilt as a project, she agreed and it was now my group project. I had nine squares and one by one they were sent out to be stitched by members of the group. I did one of the roses and than when I finished with that one I took the last square that was here and stitched the pink ribbon with roses, Sean saw the square and suggested I add a lace border and I think the border makes the square. So now you ask who will get this quilt when it is completed. The quilt is in honor of my Mother who was a quilt maker and who donated many items to many charitys over the years, it is also in memory of all who have battled Cancer. This quilt will go to a cancer patient, to keep them warm as they battle this dreaded disase and to let them know that they are not alone in their fight. I really feel that my mother is looking over my shoulder as I work on this quilt.

As for the Bath sign, this was a kit I won on ebay and thought it would look great in my bathroom. I am still working on the Lavender and Lace Angel of Summer and I just started the Lavender and Lace Enchanted Alphbet, I also have the material for the Celtic Women ready to be dyed. I also have a quilted lap robe in the works for the nursing home that Mel works at, this is a project for the Charity group.

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