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Monday, April 20, 2009

Cross stitch

Lavender and Lace designs
Angel of Spring

Angel of Summer

Angel of Autumn

Angel of Winter

I have been making Heirloom Quilts for family members for Christmas and as a diversion from that tedious work ( to much math involved) I decided to once again give Cross stitch a try. I haven't done any stitching since I was in my late 20's. I started doing the little Mill Hill kits in the evenings while watching TV. Of course I was finding Mill Hill Kits on ebay, but than in searching one night for Mill Hill beaded kits, my search went another direction. I was taken to this auction called Celtic Spring (Mill Hill Beads are part of the designs), she was beautiful, I knew I would have to stitch her. I found there was Celtic Summer, Celtic Autumn, Celtic Winter and Celtic Christmas. I went to the designer's web site (Told in a Garden) and found that they were based in my home town, how funny is that. I also found the Angel of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter on their web site, but it was at Needle Delights Shop in Pensacola where I saw the angels stitched out. The design series is Lavender and Lace and all the designs are beautiful (check them out if you get a chance, patterns would make a great gift item Hint Hint). She has all kinds of angels, as well as Victorian designs (Butternut Road) and Amish designs (Told in a Garden). I am hooked on their designs, so on to my new quest. I bought the 4 Seasons Angels as well as some of their other designs (Queen Anne's Lace, Christmas Visit, Country Fair, Earth Angel, Angel of Hope, Angel of Grace and Ice Angel). I still want to get the Celtic patterns, so on to ebay and let the bidding begin. Now I have to get embroidery floss and fabric, seems so strange that I am buying this stuff for me. I normally spend all year finding floss, fabrics, and accessories for the girls Christmas stitching boxes, now I have to shop for me. Hey I don't drink or smoke, crafts are my addiction, but after all they keep me out of trouble. I also have a wonderful husband who supports all that I do. Melanie has also been a big help giving me heads up on which are the best shops and web sites to find the bargins. I did find the Crafters market web site and they have really great sales, you can check them out using this link (Cross Stitch Supplies - $1.00 or less)

Anyone who wants to donate DMC Floss, Mill Hill Beads or Fabric or any related Stitching stuff to fuel my addiction, I would really appreciate it.

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