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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The rain came

As predicted the rains came and all my beautiful azalea bushes lost their flowers, good thing I took pictures. We had four days of hard rains, the first night we were awaken at 2 am with the storm. We looked out the front door and saw walnut size hail smashing into the ground. I just knew that all the planting I did in the new flower beds would be lost. But to my amazement when I checked on the plants the next morning they were all fine the only causality was the Azalea bushes. The first night it was the worst with the hail, the next three days was just a lot of rain. Many times I would look out front and see a lake instead of a front lawn. Just glad I didn't get the grass seed spread yet or it would have washed away. Now it is Cold again, we had a cold front come in and for the past two nights had to cover the plants due to a frost warning. All my fruit trees are in bloom, I just hope this crazy weather doesn't hurt them this year.

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