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Friday, May 1, 2009

And The Winner IS


About two weeks ago was the online Needlework show, lots of new designs and designers. A lot of the designers gave door prizes. I told Jenny and Melanie about the show, I know Melanie was planning on checking it out, not sure if Jenny found the time. Sean also spent one evening checking it out. In the past Melanie had won a door prize, so I am sure she signed up for them. And the Winner IS: NOT ME, Not sure if Melanie or Jenny won anything, but Sean did. He won a pattern at Ink Circles. He is always so lucky. This was the pattern he won. To win this he had to write a short email on how he supports the needle arts. He wrote that he supports my new habit and for years he has supported his daughters cross stitching habit (we make a cross stitching box for them at Christmas filled with patterns, floss, and kits) Guess the site owner liked his answer and he won.

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