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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

This weekend we celebrated my Birthday, I just won't say which one. Friday we took Lottie out to lunch (Steven's mother from south Florida) Her birthday was the 3rd and mine the 4th. We had fun and she enjoyed her lunch. Saturday we worked on the yards in the morning and afternoon, than we got cleaned up and headed into Pensacola for dinner (Applebee's) and than the craft store. Sunday we made a trip to Melanie's, she had made me a strawberry cake, and gave me some Mill Hill cross stitch kits. I just love doing these little Mill Hill beaded kits in between working on my big projects. (Hint Hint) I also had lots of phone calls from well wishers. The staff at the Auction house had Cherylyn make a stop by the house and drop off a gift bag, inside there was a card from Lottie with a Roadhouse gift card inside and than a card and Fenton vase from the staff. I was so shocked with the thoughtfulness of my Auction friends. Sunday we finished the lawn work, now I just need to finish putting in the pond in the back yard.

Puppy, The new baby puppy is doing really well. She is still so small, but she has a big attitude. She and Rascal get along just great. Only one problem and it is when the two of them get to playing. He forgets how big he is because he is still a puppy too and he will get a little to rough with her. Of course she comes out with her attitude and at times she is a devil dog with her growling and attacking of Rascal, guess I should have named her Sassy Lassie.

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