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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rowenta Iron was on fire

Irons, for years I used my granny's iron and I think it must have been one of the first ones made, but it was dependable. You know, now that I think about it that  iron was a GE 
 Now I am a modern woman and for years the job I had required me to wear a uniform which had to be  pressed just so... thankfully they finally went to permant press which meant little of no ironing, so the iron spent most of its time hidden away just waiting for its time to take care of wrinkles.. When I was young ironing was fun... OK I was young..  Then as I got older it bacame a chore and I just hated chores, so yes I was glad to see fabric that didn't need the use of a iron. 
Fast forward and now I make quilts, lots and lots of quilts and my iron never gets put away.  It is a quilter's right hand as you press at almost every step of the process. A iron is a tool I just can not be without.   I went through iron after iron and most were to light weight and just didn't do what I wanted.  So last year I decided to save up and buy a really good iron..  I bought a Rowenta Iron, top of the line, quilter's choice, my opionion now is I should have gotten the iron in yellow as it was a lemon.  YES a lemon, or maybe I should say RED as it got super hot the other night as I was ironing with it, then it started to steam, then smoke... well I picked it up and headed outdoors, put it on the patio and it kept smoking... OK, don't want a fire here so I got water and poured it on my lovely iron and did the smoke rise, the iron spitter and spat at me.  Once I knew the fire was out, that iron went into the trash.  I mean really you pay a high price for these irons and expect a good dependable iron and the thing dosen't even last a year...   So until I can save up for a Oliso Iron, I went out and bought a GE iron, way less money and it has the weight and steam that I want...  who knows this one might just last a few years...
Now if anyone own the Oliso Iron let me know if it is worth me saving up for one or if I should just stay with my inexpensive GE.
Oh and as for customer service at Rowenta, forget it, they do not respond to problems, just looking at their FB page I am not the only one who has had a Rowenta Iron go up in flames. One person on their web page said to check where the iron was made.  Ones from Germany are great, ones from China are junk...  Same name, same company, different location for production.. I expect a Rowenta to be a good iron no matter where it is made..


SewCalGal said...

My Rowenta is probably 15+ years, if not 20. It had been working fine, until I started doing research on why irons leak and decided to test a theory about using common tap water (don't). Within a few months it began to spit and heat isn't what it used to be. I know it is about to die, but fortunately it isn't creating a fire.

I have now moved to Reliable, as I've heard such good things from them from Kelly Jackson (IHAN) and many others.

Sorry Rowenta's customer service didn't help and you couldn't return it where you purchased it. Definitely not a good sign for Rowenta in the future.


Joanne Lendaro said...

SCARY!!! I've got a cheapie that I've had for about 5 years. Finally had to replace my old GE iron because the water reservior
had corroded so badly. Good luck finding a new one, ugh, not a task I would want to do. Like you I think weight is VERY important.

Tangos Treasures said...

I'm with on them!!! Mine sprung a leak & it was downhill from there!! Love your new one!!