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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A contest for Charity

Voting is now open on the Facebook favorite Charity Quilter contest....  Here is the voting link to my entry...  thanks for voting

Contest for Charity Sewing...

Monday Sept 17 voting will start on Face Book for your favorite Charity sewer.  I sew and quilt for the World of Charity Stitching Group.  This is a Yahoo group with the goal of bringing smiles to those who need cheering up... Our group stitches squares for a theme, the squares are sent to a quilter who will make them into a beautiful quilt.  The quilts are given to Seniors in nursing homes, ill children, Ronald McDonald's house, a abused women's and children's shelter, cancer patients, and sometimes we will have items for newborns of mothers who are low income or whose spouse is serving overseas. 
Most of my sewing/quilting is with WOCS, but I also have done special request sewing for children, made items for a homeless shelter, sewed Teddy Bears for Police and Fire Department to give to children in stressful situations, and I am currently working on my first quilt of valor.

Here is the link to my Contest page
Please take a few minutes tomorrow or next week and vote for me and my quilts. I would really appreciate it if you could also share my link on your blog or FB page. 

My entries

this is the latest finish, a quilt for a lady with breast cancer

A quilt design that started as a idea in my head and this has become a very popular design, we have made a butterfly quilt, the birds, a scroll pattern, a Celtic heart and current design is a scroll heart pattern in shades of pink and reds

A  lovely cupcake quilt, which will go to a senior this holiday season.
These are the quilts I choose to enter in  the contest, if you like them or the work World of Charity stitching group does, please take time and vote.
Remember voting will start Monday Sept. 17 and here is the link again
thanks for you help..
I forgot to tell you what I can win... A New Pfaff sewing machine, now isn't that a great prize for a charity quilter to win????
Thanks Again

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