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Friday, September 28, 2012

my MRI

OH MY, Yesterday was a horrible... you know I have been having problems with pain in my neck and shoulder... I went in for the series of pain shots, but this time they didn't work like they did in the past. So I had a X ray taken which showed spur and arthritis in my neck... so MRI was scheduled, Thursday was the day for that adventure. I usually don't have problems with a MRI, but today was different... I got loaded in the machine and I had my eyes closed, they handed me a buzzer in case I had a problem. I was OK for the first round of washing machine noise, but then it happened.. In between I was allowed to move, shift or swallow.. OK I moved a little, I shifted a little to get comfy, I swallowed and then it happened... I opened my eyes... That's it panic set in, I closed my eyes and kept talking to myself to calm down that everything was OK. Don't panic, I have the button if I need it and I know they would get me out in a minute if I had any kind of problem.   I wanted out of this thing, but if they took me out would I be brave enough to enter the machine again.  I really don't think I would have, I came so close to pushing the button so many times during the rest of the test, which lasted 30 minutes. Then finally as I prepared for yet another round of washing machine noise the technician appeared and brought me out of the tunnel. I made it through the test, when I came out I told the guy I almost pushed the button many times. He said he got good pictures which was a relief as I really don't think I could have gone back into the machine that day.... Now it was over, I was free to move, to open my eyes, no more tight cramped space to panic in... I went out to meet hubby who was waiting in the car and I was still shaking... I just hope I don't have bad dreams tonight because of the experience of being locked in a little tube. I will tell you this, if you have to have a MRI done and they put you into the machine, keep your eyes closed, take a sleeping mask if you must so you don't see the inside of the machine, or maybe find one of the open MRI machines, I really think that is what I might do the next time they say I have to have a MRI done.


ga447 said...

You poor thing, I do not like those things at you. You need to get better, are you doing to much for WOCS?

SewCalGal said...

Glad your MRI is over. I don't like being inside those machines either. You'll think I'm crazy, but I try to talk to my toes, my knees, my hips, etc. to tell them all "we will survive", as well as recite poems, etc. Before I know it the MRI is over.

I hope the outcome of the MRI provides your Dr. helpful info and you'll soon be feeling 100% better.