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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

been a little under the weather lately

Bet you all wondered where I was these past two weeks..  We both ended up catching a cold two weeks ago and it just took it toll on us. So not much got done around the old homestead.. Haven't even been on the computer that much so my blog suffered.  But I am feeling so much better and I have been working on a few things that I thought you might like to see.

while I was sick I did do a little stitching, I didn't feel up to doing anything else, so two bird squares for the new monochrome bird quilt for WOCS

I also worked on the Lavender and Lace Enchanted Alphabet and the house Alphabet but no photos to show yet. I was just sitting and stitching.

Yesterday I felt well enough to add the borders to the bird squares that WOCS members have been sending in, I think they are so pretty.

 This is the St Patrick's Day Wall Hanging I made last month.  I had seen a photo of a  kit but couldn't find the kit anywhere, so I made my own pattern, I used my Accuquilt hearts die for the shamrocks and freehand cut the stems, appliqued on a light yellow scrap of fabric, added the borders and now I have a new Wall Hanging.

And before I go a photo of the latest addition to our family.. This is the runt of the litter, she weighed 2 ozs at birth and even though she is steadily gaining she still only weighs 8 ozs.. needless to say her litter mates are more then twice her size, but she holds her own in the puppy battles and she is first in line at chow time.  We have decided that she needs to stay with us and since Jenny renamed the puppy we were calling Tinkerbell that she got from us last month this little girl is now named Tinkerbell. She will be 5 weeks old in two days, she is the smallest dog I have owned or even seen..

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I hope you are feeling better.