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Thursday, September 1, 2011

1 week old

I can hardly believe that it was a week ago that Roxy got me up at three am to deliver her puppies..
The puppie are doing really well, Roxy keeps them well fed, warm and clean, plus she gets to go and see her dad when he comes home.. so she does get a needed break now and then.  Rascal wants to visit as do the other dogs, but Roxy just isn't ready to share yet, So they all have to wait.

Not much change in the boys this week, other then about doubling in size.  Their eyes and ears are still closed, but they do have good lungs and let their mom know when they are ready to eat. 
Can you tell the difference in them yet???  guess I should have used something as a measuring device so you could see the difference..  they were 3  to 5 ozs at birth and now a week later they are 10 to 12 ozs

1 Day old                                                                                        1 week old
1 week old                                    


Stray Stitches said...

So cute!!!! There isn't anything much cuter than new puppies. Thanks for sharing :)

Dee said...

Too darn cute!!!