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Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Momma

Roxy, My husbands girl

My Boy Rascal

They got together 9 weeks ago

what Roxy looked like earlier this week

Now Roxy is a heavy Pom, she likes to eat but during the past 9 weeks she has really gained weight. She was so heavy that she had a hard time getting in the chair with my husband. He would have to pick her up when she wanted to visit him.  I really think she gained 30 lbs.. I didn't weigh her but I should have.

This is as you may have guessed already is the reason for the weight gain.
She was due this past Friday, but decided to have them a few days early. She started into labor at 3am and didn't have the first puppy till 5:30, about a hour later we had number two by 8 am she was done and we had 4 puppies.  This is Roxy's second litter.. Last year she had two puppies, one that looked like Rascal and one that looked like her.. This time, none of the puppies look like the parents.

Roxy and Rascal's Puppies   1 day old
all boys

I almost forgot to let you all know that I was a winner at the Pets on a Quilt Show sponsored by SewCalgal site.  I won viewers choice for my EQ 7 designs.
 I won a package of threads from I Have a Notion's Web store.
Thanks Darlene  SewCal Gal
, Thanks Kelly IHAN


Barb said...

Soooo cute!!!

Catswhiskers said...

ohhhhh I love them already!
Congratulations to Human Mom and Dad
and lots of woof, woof to Roxy and Rascal.
They are adorable. Good health.

Tangos Treasures said...

Awwwwwww too sweet!!

ga447 said...

Congrats what a lovely family.