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Monday, August 22, 2011

Two More finishes

Moving right along with clearing out the UFO basket, this weekend I put the binding on Mel's Quilt so hers is now ready to go.  Jen's was finished last week and it is about time I got them finished.  They have been in the UFO basket for a year and a half.  I finished the top and put their quilts with MIL and two of mine in the basket, knowing that I would be ordering my Bailey's quilting machine.  Now the my Nellie Bell (everyone names their machine) is here, she has been working overtime trying to get me caught up.  So far she has quilted 8 quilts for WOCS, 2 for MIL and 1 for each step  daughter and 1 each for GS and GD.  So I now have 2 of my own quilts to finish.. I will then be all caught up.  YEAH

The quilts for Jen and Mel are family oriented quilts... each quilt has a center block with the family name, there are Sunbonnet Sue and  Sam blocks to represent each child, there is a wedding block with the couple's wedding date, and on the sides of that block is the blocks that represent Jen and her husband.  There are blocks with the parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters of the couple.  I just hope it is a quilt that will be passed down in each family.  Each girl chose their blocks, and the colors, and fabrics for their quilts... I just designed and made the quilt.  I had planned on three quilts, and as I talked to each of the three girls with which blocks they choose, I found that all three had chosen the same block. They had about ten or so blocks to choose from and they all like the pinwheel in the star block..  Mel chose three blocks, Jen chose two..  Border is checker squares block with a star block on the corners...

Mel's Family Quilt
Turquoise, Yellow and White

Jen's Family Quilt
Green, Tan, White

 Couples Block

Child's Block

Now to get the quilts to the girls.... As I can't go anywhere right now..
Have a little Pom ready to deliver her puppies sometime this week and I won't leave her alone. She is due Friday, but the poor little thing looks like a watermelon right now.. she just waddles around the house and she is so miserable.


quiltingnana said...

your family quilts are lovely

ga447 said...

The quilts are beautiful, you got them done. I am on a rampage myself to finish things I started.

Melissa said...

Wonderful quilts, great memories! Good luck to the mom to be. I remember that watermelon stage - and I was only pregnant with one baby!