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Thursday, December 29, 2011

baby quilts are done

I am going to be a temptress with this post... You see I made a baby quilt for my Niece who is expecting in Jan or any time now, Baby will make the arrival decision...  Alysha likes surprises, she didn't want to find out if her baby was a boy or girl, she wanted to be surprised... Now she knew I was making a baby quilt, she got to choose the colors, and the type of design,  she chose frogs and dragonflies and her colors were purple and light green.  OK I was up for the challenge, I found a delightful design in the Anita Goodesign Spring Curls designs that I thought would be perfect for the quilt.  Today I asked Alysha if she wanted to see the quilt, she gave me a undecided answer... she like surprises but yet she would love to see it... so I sent her pictures of the designs, not the entire quilt.  She loved the designs and can not wait to get her quilt... BUT this is the reason for this post, it is here for her, if she wants to see the finished quilt or if she wants to wait the choice is hers.  I wonder, do you think she can wait to see what I made???
Which brings me to my nephew Adam... Adam will soon be the father of a bouncing baby boy, guess he didn't like surprises... Adam was so happy that he will finally have another young man in the house, both the girls are happy to that they will soon have a brother.  The baby's room I was told will be decorated in Ohio State decor... so I followed his lead and I made a Scarlett and grey Ohio State baby quilt for his little man who will make his appearance in February.
I just wonder if my husbands brother is ready for two more grand children to spoil, which I know he will.... Congratulations Grandpa Mike....

So without further ado, here's the baby quilts

 For Alysha   a green and purple, frog and dragonfly quilt

For Adam, a Scarlett and grey Ohio State baby quilt



Anonymous said...

Very lovely baby quilts! I have been working on a baby quilt myself. They are so much fun to work on, don't ya think?!?

ga447 said...

The colors are SUPER!