Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Dolly Mama is Done

Finished yet another Lovely Dolly Mama...  of course I just had to stitch the Quilting Dolly Mama.... Now on to Counted Cross Stitch Mama... oh and if you are wondering just where I got the Quilting, Counted Cross Stitch and Crafting Queen Dolly Mama that I am now working on... would you believe MY HUBBY bought them for me... He always comments how ugly my Dolly Mama's are and yet he bought me these on his own...

Make sure to stop back tomorrow to see my entries in this years Christmas Quilt Show... I did manage to take a few moments away from my charity quilt work to get my entries made.... They  are not quite what I had planned on entering, but time got away from me and I had to come up with something in a hurry..

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