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Monday, December 19, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our home has been a buzz of activity these last few weeks, working hard to get things done for Christmas.
The Charity quilts and bags have left and were delivered to the nursing home.
  New stocking for Ma & Pa, yes I broke down and made us stockings.. Normally I would make ones for the kids and grand kids, but this year was our turn. 
 The house has been decorated with beautiful lights, and snowflakes glisten in patterns on the porch... A snowman stands out front with his little one at his side.. In the back The polar bear and some penguins stand watch as Santa rides his trusty rocking horse... Santa is my favorite and I can keep a eye on him from my kitchen window.  Some of the regulars have been retired as they just couldn't stand anymore, old age I guess.
Holiday cards and special boxes have been sent to locations of friends and loved ones near and far.
Candy and Cookies are finished, some are packaged for gifts for friends
Christmas Mugs have been filled and wrapped for those who help in our day to day lives.. Our Mail Carrier, our Trash man, the Lady at the Store, people who work with my husband.

This is a little wall hanging for Mel as she is our Snowman Collector

A beautiful Centerpiece showed up last week at our door from my Son and his family
Its so nice to have such a wonderful Son & Daughter In Law..

My Grandson asked if we were making Gingerbread houses this year and I just didn't get the houses baked, so we picked up some of those house kits at the store. We also picked up some extra goodies and Sunday we decorated.  This was my creation... Kyle's was, well lets say his looked like a angry bird.. but it was cute in its own way. 

Christmas Magic

With this being the time of Christmas Magic I am thrilled by local news Stories of Secret Santa's who are paying on Lay Aways. I have always tried to adopt a family at Christmas every year, I have bought items for a  family, Delivered with them never knowing my name. I have also coordinated local businesses as they adopted families.  We also will do random acts of kindness to strangers... We stopped at our local Walgreen's store and there was this charming young lady, she heard our conversation of stopping for a hamburger and she made the comment she was hungry and would love a hamburger.. She reminded us so much of the daughter we lost.  Well, we left the store and I said to my husband  about stopping for a hamburger for that young lady... he had the same thought and we headed to Burger King, grabbed a sandwich and made a delivery to that young lady.. She was so shocked... I told her she reminded us of our  daughter.. I just hope that the people in line who saw our random act of kindness would take it to heart and do something special for someone as well.  It doesn't have to be much, a Christmas Card with a tip to hand to the girl at the drive up window or the cashier at the store. We have won stuffed animals at those machines and handed to children in the store.. we do however ask the parent first just to make sure it is OK.  Have you ever paid the toll for the driver behind you, I have... Do you leave a special delivery in your mail box for your mail carrier..  Make a delivery of fruits or baked goods to a elderly couple in your neighborhood, most times they don't bake anymore and would love some homemade breads, cakes or cookies.      Remember its Christmas Magic to share the love this holiday season...  Have a safe and happy holiday season..

Merry Christmas

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ga447 said...

Can you breathe yet? You have been so giving as usual but that is who you are Bonnie. Thank you for all you do and you give people such wonderful blessings.

Merry Christmas.