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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Needlework Show is now open

General Public  October 21 - 24  
Shops October 21-26

To all my stitching friends, the time has once again come, The Online Fall Needlework Show is in full swing. There are lots of vendors to visit, beautiful new designs and of course the rest of their line on their sites.
I spent the evening just window shopping and comprising my Christmas Wish List. 
I was a little disappointed that there were only a few sites hosting a giveaway this year, after all that is part of the fun. I always wonder why the other shops don't have at least a small giveaway.  Hey, it excites people to win something, if you win a pattern, even a small pattern, you will spread the word about the design you won, where you won it at, plus if you like the designer you will go back and buy more from their line.  If I were a designer I would host a giveaway, as it seems there is more talk about a site that is hosting then one that isn't.  YES we stitchers do talk, brag, share, you know all that good stuff.
So to all you designers, HOST a giveaway on your site, it brings in more customers, they spend more time looking at your site, they buy more and word gets around... one small pattern is all it takes.
Some of my favorite sites at the show this year:
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks has wonderful scroll work designs, Arachne's Silken Web's Samplers are great, Brenda E Kocher Designs are beautiful, Brooke's Books are fun and whimsical, love the girls and the sunshine lines, Crabapple hill's angels, Cross Stitching Guild, DebBee's Designs, Enchanting Lairs for the dragons, Hand Blessings for the season's, Ink Circle with their intricate designs, Linda Jeanne Jenkins with her cards, Milady's Needle are enchanting, and of course our Local Shop Needle Delights with her beautiful designs, I get to visit her shop a lot and it is wonderful. Needle notions, Samplers Revisited, Prairie Grove Peddler, Praiseworthy stitches, Sue Hillis Designs has the cutest Christmas Calories pattern, Sweetheart Company's frames with designs, Whispered in the Wind and X and O's  and that is just a few of my favorites.... this year.
So stop by the Needlework Show this weekend and have fun.
Here's the link:

Remember folks, this is a show for the Trades, but as retail shoppers we can make a list of patterns, books, or items we want and either send it to our Local Needlework Shop or the Online shop we order from.

 Hubby was once again the kind father, Mel's computer is still down so he did some entries for her at the show, before he left for work, I am sure he will enter more in the next few days.  He did the entries in the Fall into Fall Quilter's giveaway for her, but alas he didn't win anything. Mel's reaction was that she never wins anything, so I sure hope he can win something for her.  I don't know if Jen is planning on entering, I think she does, but she hasn't done any cross stitching for some time.  I even stopped making her the stitching box at Christmas, wonder if is has something to do with the 6 kids running around the house???


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Arachne's Silken Web said...

We are so glad you like the door prizes offered by vendors at the online show! We as designers love hearing from you and seeing you join in.

We especially appreciate your kind words about our designs!

Theresa & Cynthia
Arachne's Silken Web