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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tramatized Today

I have been tramatized today and this is why.

A bandaide
on a heel

on MY FOOT....

OK, I agree, this doesn't look so bad and maybe I am being a big baby, but it hurt..... really bad, poor hubby, I bet he is now sporting some black and blue marks on his arm as I held him really tight when I was getting the injection.
You see years ago I had a problem with my foot and it felt like I was walking on pebbles, I went to the foot doctor and he said I had heel spurs. I ended up having to get a series of three shots in the heel, which worked and I didn't have problems for years and years and years.
A month ago I again started having problems with my foot, but this time it felt like I was walking on a huge rocks instead of pebbles. I got out the shoe inserts from years ago and they helped, I wore my Crocs in the house instead of going barefoot and it helped a little. But it got worse and worse until I could no longer stand it *no pun intended* So I called Dr. Keifer and I would have to wait till the middle of December for a appointment. NO WAY, I told the receptionist, I just could not continue walking in such pain for two more months. So I checked the internet and found Dr. Mark Lambert. I called and got a appointment right away. Today was my appointment with him and I knew more xrays would be taken and I also knew there would be a needle (I hate the needles). The nurse was a lovely lady who was just so nice. She took the X Rays and I waited for the doctor to arrive. He came in the room and asked if my broken ankle bone was causing problems, WHAT, he must have the wrong person, I don't have a broken ankle.... NO, that was my Xray and there was a broken bone in the ankle area that I didn't know I had. He asked if I remember doing this and the only thing I could think of was when I fell over the puppy gate not to long ago and ended up on the dining room floor, but all the pain was in my knee. I did land on my front side and my toes did hit the floor hard, but I thought the knee took the force of the landing. Guess I was wrong. I do need to remember that the  older we get the less we bounce.
Dr. said that is very possible that is when I broke the bone, my first broken bone and I didn't even know I broke it.. It is healing and now I wonder if the other ankle has the same injury.

But on to the heel spur and making it all better.. Doc used a air injection for a numbing medication and it hurt a little but not bad at all, I never felt the big needle go into the heel, but I did feel the medication being injected. I knew there was a reason I waited and waited. But the treatment was over in no time and I was on my way home again. Hoping that this time only one injection is all that is needed, but I have a appointment in two weeks and I might have to once again go though the stress of another needle, and I HATE NEEDLES, I feel so traumatized by them.


Melissa said...

Ok, OUCH! You definitely have my sympathy! I sure hope that shot works for you. I really hate needles, too, and I am a nurse! How hypocritical is that! You should have asked the doc to Xray the rest of you, too! Sounds like you could've done some real damage besides that ankle fracture!

Sean said...

yup, I have a bruised arm !

Stray Stitches said...

Sorry to hear of your pain. I hope the injection works!! No more stepping over the puppy gate!