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Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Needle Trama

I thought I was done with needles for the week, but I forgot that we had planned on getting our flu shots, Sean's B-12 and having my blood work done for the heart doc. So we got up early and drove to the doctors office. I went to check in while DH parked the car, and surprise, there wasn't anyone in the room, I was checked in right away, so off to the lab, and again no one in line so that was fast and easy *but I still don't like needles*. we then headed to the Doctor's office for our flu shots and found out they didn't have any left. Kind of upset me as I had called this week to make sure they would have the vaccine.  So we sat and waited for the nurse to come and give DH his B-12 shot. After waiting and waiting  and waiting some more we decided to leave and do that injection on another day.  I really wanted to get the flu shots out of the way and told DH to stop by Walgreen's and we would get them there *second needle for the day,  and it didn't hurt at all, But I still don't like needles*  So we are done and hopefully I am done with needles for a couple of months or so, as I really *Don't Like NEEDLES*  Sitting at home this afternoon, watching my first stick site turn black and blue and feeling the second stick site starting to get sore, I get a phone call from my heart doctor's office. Seems the lab called them and my potassium level is really low. Which means I need to stop the OTC potassium and pick up a RX for a strong Potassium and start is right away.  Then comes the traumatic moment, Doc wants blood drawn next week to see if the level is rising... That means more needles,  I HATE NEEDLES and I just can not get away from them. I just know I am going to start having nightmares of giant syringes chasing me.  need

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Stray Stitches said...

:( I hope you are through with the dreaded needles soon!