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Friday, April 16, 2010

Quilt Happy

I am finally getting caught up with my Charity Quilts, I had designed and cut out 6 quilts and as of today I have the tops sewn for 5 of them. These when finished will be going to a nursing home in Alabama. In December I sent 6 quilts and the residents just loved them, I was told other residents were asking if they could have one to. I hope to finish the 6th one tonight and then I can start the quilting process. The Counted Cross Stitch Squares that are in the quilts are the work of members of the World of Charity Stitchers, a yahoo group who provides quilts to children, seniors, and cancer patients. If you would like to become a member of this wonderful group let me know and I will send you the information on how to sign up, Stitchers and Quilters are needed. Donations are also excepted for CCS patterns, quilt patterns, templates, fabric, batting and money for postage fees. Or if you happen to have 12" quilt blocks you don't want, I would love to put them to good use. I use 12" blocks and I make 4 blocks in the same pattern for each quilt. In the works are a Angel Quilt, Flower Quilt, Cards Quilt, Hat Quilt, as soon as all the CCS Squares are finished.
Bird Quilt

Scrappy Heart Quilt

Lighthouse Quilt

Sports quilt

Coffee Quilt

Meet Sissy's puppies, the two white ones are boys and the black and brown puppies are the girls, they are 3 weeks old in this picture. They have been doing really good with their puppy pad training and are now starting to eat puppy chow. They are from a Pomeranian father and a Maltese mother.

OH and for those of you still wondering, The Killer Mocking Bird is still hanging around and yes, she still attacks me. I have to really keep a eye out for her as I go for the mail each day. So far she hasn't attacked anyone else. My grandson was here Sunday, and they had parked close to the bush. They didn't get attacked while they were getting in or out of the car, seems the bird just doesn't like me. I had been planning to have a yard sale and that just won't be happening as I would be afraid of customers being attacked., I won't have a sale in the summer as it is just to hot here for that. So maybe this fall I will have my sale

Sorry so short but I am heading to the Needlework show, only have till Sunday this year. They are cutting the time short for the general public so the shop owners can get their orders in.


Barb said...

What cute quilts...

sewmeow said...

wonderful for you to do these for others....great job!