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Thursday, April 1, 2010

CAKE, Cake, Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes

Easter Sunday is my Birthday and for years I have had to make my own birthday cake. No one makes me a cake, no one buys me a cake, if I want a cake, I bake it. One year Jenny told me she was making me a cake to bring out for my Birthday Dinner, and yes I was doing the cooking. Then she arrived without the cake, she informed us that she had made the cake, BUT they left it sit on the table and their dog ate it. So that year I didn't get a cake at all. Let's say most years I don't get a cake, just because I don't feel like baking one. Unless the grand kids are going to be here to eat it we don't buy one either. Neither Hubby nor myself are big cake eaters. But I would love to have a BIG beautiful cake just once, well lets say Just Because, it's my birthday after all and I want to feel special. This year hubby and I are getting over the flu bug and neither of us feels the best, so there won't be a Birthday Dinner or a Birthday Cake. But in my dreams there is a Big Beautiful Cake at my wonderful surprise party.

In my dream world, I have my choice of all these beautiful cakes, so many beautiful cakes. All these cake designs came from Wilton, Yes Wilton, the makers of all things cake. Pans, tools, books, figures, fondant, well just about anything you need to bake cakes or make candy. Yes I admit I am a big Wilton product user. I have all kinds of Wilton cake pans, decorating tools and I am always getting Jenny a new cake pan, she must have a cabinet full by now, I know I do. One year for Christmas I bought her the pro decorating case and filled it with tips and tools, she sells wedding cakes and other occasion cakes out of her house.

I have a lot of the Wilton books and use them for ideas all the time, then the other day I stopped by their web site and found the cake design section. There are cakes for all occasions so I went looking for my dream cake and selected these, now to narrow it down to just one design. I may not feel up to making my dream cake this year, but just you wait, next year I will make the cake of my dreams and eat it all by myself, well maybe I will share a little. If you are looking for cake ideas stop by the Wilton site, they have so many to choose from.

Now which one should I choose, Love the two tier cake at the top of the page, but maybe one more for taste like the raspberry chocolate cake, or the so cute Rabbit in a egg cake, maybe just the Easter Egg cake, or maybe Roses, I just love all the Roses and I did make one like this for my Mom for Mother's Day one year. OH and then there is Cheese Cake, oh how I love Cheese Cakes and these are displayed on the perfect cake holders, and the sweet Cameo Cake, so pretty, and I know the dress cakes are for a bridal shower but I think they are really pretty and you could make the dresses into any style. Well, I have a whole year to think about which cake to make and I am sure the Wilton Site will have more cakes added this year. What do you think about cakes

Nana Bonnie
Special Thanks to the folks at Wilton for permission to use their Cake Design Photos on this post.

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Happy Birthday!~! Enjoyed looking at your blog, I love your lone star!!

free indeed said...

That rose cake is super gorgeous! Would have a hard time cutting into that one! I don't usually get a cake either....we have birthdays three weeks in a row, so I skip mine....cake three weeks running is a bit much! Next year, I think I'll make myself a pecan pie!

Kaye Swain said...

Oh my, what cute cakes! For those Granny Nannies and Pappies who enjoy baking activities for grandparents and their grandchildren, I would think these would be so much fun! I, unfortunately, can barely frost a plain cupcake properly. But it is fun to see the pictures. Thanks for an enjoyable visit! :)