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Friday, April 23, 2010


WOW, April has been really a great month for me where the giveaways are concerned.  I won on The Ultimate Blog Party, I won on I Have a Notion 31 day giveaway and I won at the Needlework Show, I won some other blog giveaways. I didn't win the Accuquilt or the Cricut Cake and I really wanted those, but thats OK at least I won and what I won was great.  This month started out really rotten with both of us being so sick with colds and making us postpone my Birthday celebration with friends, but the middle of the month has been WOW with all the winning, I won't post those until next month, who knows I might just win something else.
But for now here are the items won in March.

I won the Oil of Olay ProX kit from Fab at 50, Hubby won the bag w/fabric from SewCalGal site and I won the sampler box from a blog giveaway

As for my Birthday Celebration, we went to dinner with friends last weekend. Lottie and I both celebrate in April, hers is the 3rd and mine the 4th. Lottie has been receiving Chemo and that is why we postponed the dinner till I knew we were over our colds, didn't want to risk her getting sick. She chose the restaurant, a little Italian Restaurant called Recanati's in Milton. When we first arrived I thought we were in the wrong place, the restaurant looked more like a pizza place then a restaurant. But we went in and waited for Lottie and her son Steven and his wife Cherylyn. Cherylyn is our favorite Auctioneer, but for now has closed her auction house. They have been using their time in getting Lottie settled from her move from south Florida and taking care of her during her Chemo treatments. I was really shocked when I saw Lottie, I thought she might look weak and pale, but she looked wonderful. She had her usual sparkle in her eye and she seems to be taking the treatments quite well. She has finished this last round of Chemo and hopefully this will be the last she will need. Steven, Cherylyn and Lottie showed up a few minutes after we arrived, followed by Linda and her husband. Gee, I thought this was just a little dinner, but it turned into a party. I decided to try the special and at $11.00 I will say it was a good value. Fresh baked Italian bread with a olive oil butter started the meal, followed by a garden salad with ranch dressing, A Silvi roll was next, now if you are like me and not know what a Silvi roll is I will tell you. It looks like a fat, soft breadstick, topped with herbs, when you bite into it you are rewarded with melted cheese. If you have ever watched the Best Time I Ever Ate on Food Network, this would be my choice. My dinner entree choice was the Ravioli stuffed with meat. The pasta was cooked perfectly, with a thick rich sauce, smothered in cheese. For the last course I have a canola, now the shell was a little greasy but the cream was wonderful and of course coffee was served, I don't drink coffee so Hubby got that. Cherylyn also bought a cheesecake topped with strawberries and delivered to the restaurant beforehand, The staff served the cake with a song, I could have passed on the being sung to but it was fun and the cheesecake was great. She said she got it in the bakery of Publix store, I will have to remember them for cakes. We all had a lovely time and I look forward to Cherylyn and Linda's birthday in May, maybe we can go there for their party.


All the puppies are doing really well, getting bigger every day and quite spoiled, they are eating more of their puppy chow but they still depend on Mom for their main meals. They love to play and it is so much fun just watching them. The black little girl keeps laying in the water bowl, I found her sleeping in it last night, the side of her head was all wet. Good thing I don't put much water in the bowl at a time.

                                                                          Killer Bird
The killer Mockingbird still watches and swoops me as I head out to the mail box, I will be glad when these babies are out of here. Maybe then I will be able to work on the flowerbeds.

I heard some frogs at the pond the other night calling for their mates, but there just isn't that many hanging around yet. If we get some rainy weather they will be out in full force and they get really loud.

We are planning on staying home tomorrow, hubby said he will cut down the saplings that are popping up all over the place and help with the yard work. Last weekend we planted two trees, I had a coupon from Home Depot, buy one get one free so we took advantage of that coupon. We bought a Pink Lemon and a Lime tree, the citrus trees are doing really well so we decided to add some more. The Tangerine, Orange, and Lime trees are in bloom and you can smell the blossoms when you walk in the back yard, they smell so good. Hubby also noticed that the Peach tree is covered in little peaches and the Apple tree has blooms. Looks like the trees will be doing good this year.

                                                                   Spring Cleaning
I am still working on the spring cleaning, have three more rooms to go. I take one room a night, strip it down, clean it and put it back together again. I thought I would have it all done by this weekend but I am not there yet, maybe next week.

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