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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just another day

Just another day around the old homestead, my little angel decided to see how the spring flowers were coming along. First she visited the Azalea bush near the pond and the beautiful pink blossoms went so well with her skirt so she posed for a picture.
Then she moved over to the waters edge and there were beautiful purple flowers blooming like crazy so of course she had to pose for another picture. I think these beautiful flowers were planted by a bird as I haven't planted anything in that area yet there they are, so yes they can stay, besides the angel says they match her shirt so well.
This lovely angel is a Jim Shore's Heartwood Creek "Stitched with Love" Angel. She was my birthday gift from my Hubby. I love Jim Shore's designs but never bought any before. So this little lady is my first, sounds like another collection to me. I collect angels and I am a quilter so this lady suits me well.

NOW for the Horror Movie unfolding here.

The story starts with me in the garage, I had done some cleaning in there and had trash that needed to go to the trash can. I opened the garage door and stepped into the warm sunlight, when I heard a sound that I know I have heard before. I stepped closer to the trash can and with one swift motion flung open the lid and all was silent. I gather the boxes and emptied the trash cans that were waiting close to the door. Again I heard that awful sound, was it a squeal, a squelch, a scream or a combination of all. I looked around and saw nothing but the sound got louder and louder until I thought I might go crazy. I looked to the sky and there they were, BIRDS!!!! not one but two... OK so it is not Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" with thousands of birds waiting in the trees, but all the same it can be a little scary. So no big deal a couple of birds yelling at me, hey little bird if you have a nest in the bush then chill out for I am not near that bush. You see I had seen a bird fly out of the bush by the front porch and I wasn't near that one, so what was their problem. I continued to empty the trash and then it happened. I could feel the hair on my head move and the forbidding squeal as the bird tried to take my head off. Well maybe I am spinning a little bit of a yarn, but she did dive bomb me and she was making a horrible sound and she did hit my head, OK she just hit the hair. Needless to say I ran back in the garage and peeked out as she flew back and forth warning all who might come close to the bush that is beside the garage door that this was now her territory. I stood there for a few minutes not sure if she would try to invade the garage, but as I watcher her I saw it. Hidden in the bush was a tangle of twigs and leaves and no I didn't get close enough to see inside but I am sure there are a few eggs waiting for their time to break out of their shells. So Mr and Mrs Mocking Bird I promise to stay away from your little home. Just don't dive bomb me anymore, deal.


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Our Country Road said...

That is a funny story! Birds can be very protective!! Beautiful flowers, too.