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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Dance

AHHH the wonders of youth, I wonder what in the world goes on in their teenager minds. Tonight we stopped by Jenny's house and Emily (13 yr grand daughter) saw us pull up and she came running to greet us, her friend was far behind her. We entered the house to be greeted by the rest of the crew. We had taken bubbles for the two little girls and for Morris we took one of those wonderful train whistles, and yes it sounds like a train. Morris loved it, Jenny just thanked us and Phillip said it just might have to get misplaced. Yes, I am one of those Grandmother's who will buy the noisy toys.

OK Back to Emily, she is going to a dance and Jenny told her to show me the dress. OH how cute a spaghetti strapped dress, black with tiny polka dots, the belt was Turquoise and she had a matching head band. I can just see Emily in this dress she will be beautiful. So Jenny told her to show me her shoes, I guessed that the shoes match the belt, " Yes they match" was Jenny's answer, Emily pulled the shoe box from the bag and opened the lid and OH NO, You could have knocked me over. Why, you ask was I so shocked. The shoes matched the belt so I was right, but I never would have guessed what kind of shoes were in that box. OH, I didn't mention that the shoes I thought were going to be a cute little pump or flats turned out to be SNEAKERS and yes they matched the belt, they were turquoise. Jenny thought it was so funny, she kept saying she wished she had a camera. All Emily's friends are wearing their party dresses and sneakers. KIDS, Always something different with them. Guess no one told them it is easier to dance in shoes that have a little bit of a slippery bottom and that sneakers just stick to the floor. Have fun girls, but not to much fun as your Dad is chaperoning hehehe.

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