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Monday, May 11, 2009

UGLY Pomerian Puppy

Rascal at 8 weeks (Fluffy Puppy)
Rascal at 14 weeks (puppy ugly stage)
Rascal at 6 months (So Pretty and fluffy)
Roxy at 8 weeks (Fluffy Puppy)
Roxy at 13 Weeks (Puppy ugly stage)

The Ugly Pomerian Puppy stage, yes this is real stage all Poms go through. We got Rascal when he was 14 weeks old and he was just starting to come out of this stage. Roxie was such a cute little ball of fur, she is now in that almost bald stage, she had the bald face a week ago but she is now getting fur on her face. Rascal was a Silver Merle color when we got him, he had the merle spots on his side and he was a light silver color. He is now Champagne and no merle marks at all. Roxy was Mahogany Sable as a tiny pup but her new coat is coming in very Red Sable. Heather and Melanie come out Sunday and Heather kept saying how ugly the puppy was and laughing at her. She did say that the puppy was so ugly she was cute. Just wait Heather she will be beautiful real soon.
Mother's Day
Jenny called Saturday night saying she wanted to be the first to wish me a Happy Mother's Day, Sunday, I got a call from my son in Pa./ Melanie and Heather came over and we went to the local Steakhouse so I didn't have to cook. We also spent hours going thru the embroidery floss I got at a yard sale, of course Heather said this is a old lady thing.... We had a good day on Sunday.


~Sue~ said...

I never realized they had an ugly stage....I always see them when they are full and fluffy....boy, you learn something new everyday, dont't you? BTW - this is Sue from WOCS.

Pat said...

Just love them. Just love them. They are so cute.