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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bargins, Bargins, Bargins

Any one who knows Sean and myself know that we are always in search of bargains. After all we have a bunch of kids and grand kids to buy for so any kind of bargain really helps stretch the budget. Well today had to be one of the best bargains we have found in a long time. I was bored last night and went to Craigslist, just being nosey. I found a couple of people that had craft items so I called and made arrangements to see what they had to offer. 1st man had a bunch of craft items for sale. We arrived early this morning and found that he had two huge tubs, three boxes and two bags of craft items. He wanted 65 for all but sold everything to us for 40. Oh to the house to unload the van, than on to 2nd location. This lady advertised ceramic molds, I also asked her if she had any paints or glazes, she had thought that most of them would be dried out. We arrived and OMG Big Ceramic shop stuff to the max with all kinds of items. We started picking out molds and loading them into the van, Sean disappeared, he sent Dottie to find me. Sean had found a stash of new holiday molds and tons of glazes. We started loading cases of paints and glazes. Two hours later the van is loaded with more paint than molds and she also gave us three boxes of soap making stuff, well two boxes the third one ended up being a box of beads. We asked Dottie to put back the holiday molds and the rest of the paints for later pick up. Did I mention that all this was free, Sean did slip Dottie some money which she didn't want to take, but we told her to take her grand daughter out to dinner tonight on us. To be truthful, I didn't realize how many paints we had in the van, Sean knew it was a lot due to the way the van was driving. We got home and started to unload into Sean's workshop (Yes, I am taking over his shop but only Temporary till the garage is cleared out) We will also be picking up a pouring table when there is room to move in her shop. Dottie is such a sweet lady, I found this really neat snowman and she gave him to me, Melanie is our snowman girl and I am always on the lookout for snowman for her. We are now finished with the unloading, we plan to kick our feet up and just take it easy the rest of the night.


Mel said...

How come I can never find the bargains>!!!

D said...

Sounds like you guys are busy. How are the storms affecting you? We are experiencing gorgeous weather here in Colorado. Come visit sometime!
Skip and Dee