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Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's are Fun, Fun, Fun

Today started out as a typical day, Had to run errands and then have lunch with Jenny for her birthday. So Sean and I started out on our normal day, first item on the agenda, Stop and pick up 4 Koi fish from freecycle lady. We found her house with no problem, Cathy was sitting on the porch waiting for our arrival. Sean stayed in the van and I proceeded to the back yard with Cathy to get the fish. OPPS, she forgot to tell me that fish have to be caught. This is not an easy task, 4 huge Koi in the pond, bunches of babies. Big Koi want to get into nets, baby Koi want to swim away and hide under the many water plants and pumps and rocks, OK you get the picture. So here Cathy and I sit by the pond with nets in hand trying to catch fish that are determined not to be caught. I start feeling a wetness on my knee, oops seems Cathy had set a bag of water there for the fish to be put into and it fell over and my knee was in the way. After a lengthy effort we decided to call it quits. Cathy put some water plant starters in the bag and said she will call me when she catches the fish. Wonder if I told Jenny about the fish and that the fish might one day become part of her inheritance, Koi can live to be very old fish, sometimes to one hundred and these were just babies. So with plant in hand, I returned to my husband who had been waiting for me.

On to Pensacola, we had time to waste before meeting Jenny, so it was a quick stop by Michael's. We searched the store for any bargains (always looking for bargains) and we found some items that we will be giving as gifts to the grand kids. They all love making crafts, especially Mr. Kyle and the girls in PA.

From the craft store we headed for Red Lobster to meet Jenny. This restaurant was her choice (she says she doesn't get to go there often). We had her youngest two children with us. The kids could care less about eating at a restaurant, just give them crayons and something to color and they are happy. Morris and Rebecca shared a lunch, which was a good idea as Morris just didn't want to eat anything. Morris was a little upset as his Mom had told him if he didn't eat than he couldn't have Ice cream. So no treat today. Poor little Rebecca, she was so good even though she looked like she is coming down with a cold.

Back home and hubby is off to work, me I am cleaning out my sewing room, which is a huge job. We are getting ready for Sean's Mother and Brother to come down in Sept. for Emily's Bat Mitzvah. I can't wait for them to get here, Sean's mom is this little bitty lady who so much fun to be with. She makes me laugh when we go shopping, just some of the things she says and does. Mike is a trip as well, he is a hyper guy, always going a million miles a minute, he makes you tired just trying to keep up with him, but he is a sweetheart. I am glad they are coming as I know this trip will help ease their minds about Sean and how he is doing after his heart surgery. They want to see for themselves that he is OK.

Thought that I was done with this, Doing the edit and than the phone rings, its hubby. So I talk to hubby and wait what is this I smell, something smells hot. I jump up look in the AC door, nope thats not it, off to the kitchen, OK now I remember, I had water on to boil for tea. I got so wrapped up in this blog that I forgot all about the water. Hey you can't burn water, it just evaporates and the pan gets hot, I got to it just in time. Put on another pan of water, gotta make my tea don't you know. Hopefully this is all the excitement for one day.

Have a great day and a great weekend
We in the south will get prepared for some stormy weather.
Gustav GO AWAY, you are not welcome here..........

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