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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Beginning

Here I go, off on a new adventure called blogging and learning how to set up this blog. I enjoy reading my step daughter's blogs, Jenny's blog always makes me smile. With Melanie's Blog I learn so much about what she is up to and what the kids are into now.

It has been a really laid back type of Sunday, I did the laundry and we spent the day bringing out all the yard items. We were all prepared for Fay to hit this area yesterday, but I am so thankful that she didn't come to visit. I had spent Friday Putting up all the outdoor items, like patio furniture, planters, and bird feeders. Putting up the feeders really upset the birds yesterday. They kept flying to the porch of Sean's workshop and looking for their dinner. But now that the feeders are back where they belong the birds are so happy.

All the chores are done, dinner was made and dishes washed and put away so now is my time to play. I am off to work on a latch hook rug, this one is an American flag.

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