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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good bye 50s

Another year has come and gone and once again it is the time of year to celebrate... Well, at least for me to celebrate... I will be saying goodbye to the 50s and hello 60s.   Where did the time go, I really never thought that I would reach this point in my life..  I remember just waiting to become a teenager. my 13th birthday was held at the skating rink, the year I had my sweet sixteen party... I had a dance party and even hired my friends band for the event. At 21 it was a birthday celebration out on the town..complete with hangover I might add. Then there was the year I turned 40 and came home to find my darling son had decorated the whole outside of my house with balloons, and signs announcing my age.  Many birthdays have come and gone, some with lots of celebrating and some just slipped by so quietly... I wish my Mom or Dad would still be here to celebrate this milestone, but they are gone. So tomorrow I will celebrate my day with my husband.  Maybe I will get a cake, maybe not.. No big celebration is planned, maybe we will go out for dinner or maybe we will wait for the weekend.  In years past I have chosen my favorite cakes and posted here, and this year I have done the same...
How about a Baskin and Robbins
Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Cake
This Paisley Tier Cake would be a great choice for a large party
 the pans are from Wilton.

Then there is the NO Calorie cupcake from 1-800-Flowers
This is one of my Favorites
Or a little larger with a large Flower Cake
from 1-800-flowers

 maybe a cake using the Pillow Pan set from Wilton's 
I keep saying that one day I might just buy this set.
I think the cakes are so unique 


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

wilma b said...

wishing you a Happy Birthday... the 60's are not hard at all ;-)

ga447 said...

Remember you are young at heart.